Monday, July 1, 2013

#MorningAfter (July 1, 2013)

Hi Guys,
I'm very sorry for the lack of posts this past week. I was doing so well with uploading a post daily two weeks ago, and then last week I didn't post anything. Along with not posting, I didn't read any this past week either (aside from last night).
Last night I finished False Memory by Dan Krokos, you guys know that this was on my #FridayReads post two weeks ago, and I didn't finish it that weekend, but instead finished it this past weekend, so I decided to upload my #MorningAfter post for False Memory now. Let's jump right in to what I thought about the novel.

False Memory was an okay novel to me, I'm definitely not in any rush to read the sequel, which is sad, because I received it on NetGalley already because I thought I would like it... I guess that's what I get for assuming. This novel was very fast-paced, a little to much for the most part, a lot of the information in the novel seemed to be given through info dumps. I didn't really feel connected to the characters until the last 75 pages or so, and by then it's a little late. I did like some of the twists, and also the very unique ideas for the plot. I really liked Peter as a character, from the jump... but Miranda it took quite a while for me to like her character. There are tons of other things I liked/disliked about this book, and you can check all of it out in my full review of it, which is coming soon. You'll also be able to see what rating I give it.

Again, let me know what you read, by using the hash-tag on a social media site, I would love to see it. I hope you guys enjoyed this post, and I'll see you again tomorrow with a June Wrap-Up/July TBR post. I've never done anything like this, and I'm excited for it... see you guys tomorrow!

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