Review Policy

Review Policy:
This is my review policy, obviously, and I thought I would just share it with you guys:

Copies for Review I accept:
*ARC (Paperback, Hardcover, or E-Book (Kindle Paperwhite) Only)
*Finished Copy (Paperback, Hardcover, or E-Book (Kindle Paperwhite) Only)

Books I Will Review:
*I will review Young Adult Books and some Adult Books, it just depends on what the book is about. I do not have a specific genre I accept, any Young Adult Books I will accept and certain Adult Books I will accept as well. Some of my favorite genres are: Dystopian, Paranormal, Contemporary, Humor, and Sci-Fi.

Books I Won't Review:
I will not accept review copies for Erotic Books, Political Books, nor Every Day Crime Books.

What I put in my Reviews:
I post the cover of the novel, along with the synopsis from the book itself. I then post my initial thoughts of the book based on the cover, then based on the synopsis. Next I post my feelings while reading the book, and what I liked/disliked about the book. Finally I post my rating (out of 5 stars), the reasons why I gave it the rating I did, and my thoughts after reading the novel. Sometimes, if the book is becoming a movie, I will post an additional announcement about the book becoming a movie.

I'm a student in High School, so I don't have as much time during the school year to read as I do during the summer. Please forgive me if I do not post at least 1 review a week, I will most likely post one the next week. I hope you enjoy my reviews when I do post them though.

Other Sites to Find Me:

Contact Me:

I will have reviews, giveaways, and contests on this blog. I would like to participate in Blog tours, as well as author interviews, so if you are interested in blog tours or author interviews with this blog, please contact me.


  1. To Brandon Scott:
    I think this book, 'Long Story Short' can meld comfortably between both Young Adult and Adult catagories. For example; 'The Zeppelin Society' and 'The Moon is Gay' are basically about teen characters. As far as movies...I can see 'The Zeppelin Society' being made into a movie.
    You can check out the book at:

  2. Hi! Will you review an m/m young adult short story? Thank you.

  3. Although it would be a change of pace for you, I think you’d enjoy “The River Way Home: The Adventures of the Cowboy, the Indian, & the Amazon Queen” which was recently awarded the 2013 Gold Medal for Florida Young Adult Fiction by the Florida Authors and Publishers Association.
    The Tampa Bay Library Consortium describes it as follows:
    “Set in the early years of the twentieth century, this lovely story is about Queenie, a young black girl, and her two young male friends, a Seminole Indian and a Florida cracker who get lost on a trip to Lake Okeechobee and have to find their way back. High ratings from the librarian judges in two categories!”

    You can read an excerpt and more reviews at . Please let me know if you’d like a copy to review.