Tuesday, July 3, 2012

July (2012) Book Haul

Hi guys,
The other day I received five packages in the mail, four of which I bought on eBay, and another that was sent to me by the author. From eBay I received: the first five books in the Night World series (in their original covers), the last two books in the Dark Visions series (in their original covers), and the first, second, and fourth books in the Vampire Diaries series (in their original covers). I actually ordered the third book in the Vampire Diaries series as well, but for some reason I didn't receive it in the mail, so I guess I'll have to get it from somewhere else. I bought these books, because last year, while at a consignment shop, I found the fourth Vampire Diaries book in the original edition, and I bought it for less than a dollar, and since I love the books, I thought I would try to collect all of them in their original covers. Now, I still have to get the third Vampire Diaries book, the first Dark Visions book, the last four Night World books, and the three Secret Circle books. I'm excited I'm a little over half-way done with my collection, and I can't wait to continue collecting them. 

I also received a book from Nancy Holder, author of several hit YA books (Crusade/Unleashed/Buffy the Vampire Slayer, etc.). The book I received from her was her most recent release, On Fire: A Teen Wolf Novel, I was very excited when I saw this in my mailbox. I love the television show, and I just know I'll love this book as well. I love the characters of the show, and I can't wait to read about them in this novel. The character I'm most excited about reading about is Stiles. I didn't like the character in the original Teen Wolf movie, but Dylan O'Brien's Stiles is hilarious, and I can't wait to read about his experiences in this novel.

So i had a pretty good In My Mailbox this week, and I hope you guys have had a good one as well. I hope you guys check out each of these books, and I look forward to reviewing them for you guys on the blog.

The pictures below are of the original editions of the books I got this week, as well as a picture of the cast of Teen Wolf posing with On Fire by Nancy Holder.  

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