Thursday, June 7, 2012

The Dark Light Swag Giveaway

Hi Guys,
Happy Thursday, in order to celebrate this wonderful Thursday, and the start of my summer vacation, I'm hosting a swag giveaway. The swag I'm giving away is from Sara Walsh, the author of the 2012 debut novel The Dark Light (Which I did a WoW for a few weeks ago HERE). After receiving my own bookmark from Sara for The Dark Light, we exchanged e-mails, and she saw my WoW post. She then agreed to send some swag for a giveaway on my blog, and not long after I received two packages in the mail. Sara, if you're reading this... THANK YOU SO MUCH!

Here is the info for the giveaway:

  • This is a giveaway for the US only, sorry international viewers...
  • There will be One Grand Prize Winner, and Two Other Winners.
  • The Grand Prize Winner will win a bookmark, a bracelet, a sticker, and A SIGNED POSTER for THE DARK LIGHT!
  • The Other Two Winners will win a bookmark, a bracelet, and a sticker of The Dark Light 
a Rafflecopter giveaway

That's it, that is all you have to do for a chance to win all of these wonderful things! Trust me, I was very tempted to steal the Grand Prize for myself, but I would rather see one of you guys win... (*Goes into the nearest corner and cries).

Well, stay posted on the blog... this giveaway will end in about TWO weeks... on June 22nd, 2012... which is also the day that I will post my blog tour review of The Orphan The Soulcatcher and the Black Blizzard by Kimberlee Ann Bastian... MY FIRST BLOG TOUR! I'm very excited, and I hope you guys are as well, this is a wonderful book so far, and I can't wait to finish it to see what happens.

I borrowed the picture at the top of this post from Sara Walsh's blog, because my camera is misplaced for the time being, so I know that poster isn't signed, but the one you guys are competing for is... so GOOD LUCK!

P.S. If you guys, for some reason, can't view the Rafflecopter thingy... I also put in in the side bar. 


  1. I am soooo excited for it to come out in Aug. Why? B/c the book sounds amazing and the cover is to die for.

    Thanks for the giveaway!!!

    New Follower ;)

  2. heck yes, i am excited. why? have you seen the cover! i have it as to read on my goodreads already. muahaha. soon....

  3. Of course I'm excited!!!! Like what everyone else said, the cover is so appealing

  4. Thanks for the giveaway.. the cover looks awesome, its calling my name..