Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Darkly Dreaming Dexter Book Review

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This week I'm going to do a book review on Darkly Dreaming Dexter by Jeff Lindsay. This is the first book in the Dexter series. This book is not really a YA book, it's more of an adult crime book with lots... and lots... of gore. This is about a blood splatter analyst/serial killer named Dexter. Here is the synopsis from the back of the book:

Meet Dexter Morgan, a polite wolf in sheep's clothing. He's handsome and charming, but something in his past has made him abide by a different set of rules. He's a serial killer whose one golden rule makes him immensely likeable: he only kills bad people. And his job as a blood splatter expert for the Miami police department puts him in the perfect position to identify his victims. But when a series of brutal murders bearing a striking similarity to his own style start turning up, Dexter is caught between being flattered and being frightened -- of himself or some other fiend.

I started reading this book to get into crime novels. I like watching crime shows like CSI, NCIS, AMW, etc. Since this book had a television show on Showtime, I thought it would be easier for me to read if I could read it and then watch the show to stay into the story. It turns out that I didn't need any help from the show to stay "into" this book. This was a fast-paced thrill ride, I could not put my kindle down for this one, I looked down at the progress bar one second and saw 10%, and looked again an hour later (give or take) and saw 50%. This was my first fiction crime novel, and I'm happy to say so, because this is an amazing read, and I look forward to reading the next couple books in the series. I've never read a psychological book either, but this book shows you what goes through Dexter's mind, and it was intriguing. The scenes were described well... I felt that I was there watching all this happen. (Which sounds pretty scary thinking back on it haha... at least I didn't feel like I was Dexter in my mind, that would've been more creepy). There were tons of twists in this book, but the twist at the end was the most shocking of all. I loved it, because the twist actually made sense, and it wasn't just thrown in at the last second. I give this book 4/5 stars, I really loved this book, it just didn't seem like a 5 star book to me... maybe the others will though (I sure hope so)!

Additional Announcement: After reading the first book, I watched the first season of Dexter. I didn't feel that it was horrible and disgraced the book at all. I actually loved it, I thought all the actors fit the characters well, especially Dexter, I don't know what it is, but the two fit perfectly. So when you finish reading the book, definately check out the television show.

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